NeoStrata Range

NeoStrata Range

NeoStrata Range
Skin Active Anti-ageing System
NeoStrata Enlighten Trio
Targeted treatment 
Skin Rejuvenation System

NeoStrata Range


The NeoStrata skin care was developed by Dr Van Scott and Dr Yu, the Dermatologists who created the first glycolic peel and who discovered the rejuvenating powers of alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acids (AHA's and PHA's). Products formulated with Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs), Poly-Hydroxy acids (PHAs) and/or Bionic acids, have been clinically proven to improve the visible signs of ageing, including:


  • Premature ageing / sun damaged skin
  • Dry, dull and dehydrated skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation (dark spots)
  • Acne scarring / oily and acne prone skin


NeoStrata is scientifically advanced and clinically proven to visibly resurface, restore and refine your skin. The skincare range is formulated to address specific needs. Targeted treatments and peels are also available.


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Skin Active Anti-ageing System



Powerful. Potent. Professional
A comprehensive anti-ageing system of multiaction products developed  to address photoageing at all skin layers.



NeoStrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash.
A formulation which lightly exfoliates without over drying, preparing the skin for optimal treatment 

NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 20 for daytime use.
An advanced formula with a unique action, for greater skin repair and strengthening. Collagen production increases in the deep matrix, the skin’s plumpness and firmness is  enhanced and wrinkles are smoothed from the inside out.

NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration.
This multi-mechanistic approach rejuvenates cellular function and strengthens the skin’s underlying
structure. This formulation contains Apple Stem Cell Extract which protects and extends the life of the skin’s own stem cells, helping to delay the effects of ageing. The appearance of deep wrinkles is reduced; collagen production is increased which plumps and fills the skin so that wrinkles are smoothed from the inside out.

NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy.
A multi-mechanistic approach to building and plumping the delicate skin in the eye area.  The 
eye area appears more lifted, and crow’s feet are smoothed from the inside out. The result is noticeably younger looking eyes. Ophthalmologist tested.
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NeoStrata Line Lift

SKIN ACTIVE Line lift with patented Aminofil technology.
Two easy steps help activate collagen and hyaluronic acid to volumise the deep skin matrix.
Clinically proven effective in just 4 weeks with continued improvement through 16 weeks.
SynerG System 13.0 (featuring Aminofil, NeoGlucosamine, NeoCitriate) helps activate skin's natural fillers reducing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles that may not respond to an anti-ageing skincare regimen alone.

An easy-to-use 2 step treatment, twice daily
Step 1: Aminofil Activator
  • Precision rollerball facilitates application directly to deep expression lines.
  • Contains Aminofil to build skin's matrix by helping to - Stimulate pro-collagen and collagen - Increase hyaluronic acid
Step 2: Finishing Complex
  • Emollient Finishing Complex is applied over Step 1 to seal in Aminofill Activator
  • Contains complementary matric building ingredients, NeoCitriate and NeoGlucosamine (NAG), to help increase collagen and hyaluronic acid, respectively.

Visibly reduces targeted deep lines and wrinkles


  • Periocular lines/undereye area/ crow’s feet
  • Perioral (lip) rhytides / fine lines
  • Glabellar furrows
  • Nasolabial folds


Line Lift is effective and safe


Delivers results without irritation


Not an eye irritant, safe
with contact lens use,
ophthalmologist tested
Not a dermal irritant or
allergic contact sensitiser,


SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift with breakthrough Aminofil:
Clinically proven to lift deep lines and wrinkles.


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NEW NeoStrata Enlighten Trio


 The Enlighten Trio has been created by NeoStrata specifically to promote bright, even skin tone.





Enlighten Ultra Brightening Cleanser
with NeoGlucosamine and Alpine Plant Extracts
Enlighten Illuminating Serum  
with NeoGlucosamine, Peptide, Licorice Extract, Alpine Plant Extracts and Vitamin C
Enlighten Pigment  Controller
from NeoStrata with NeoGlucosamine, Retinol, SabiWhite, Alpine Plant  Extracts and 
Vitamins C & E

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Starter and Step up AHAs – anti-ageing for improved texture and clarity. For treating: Poor surface texture, Rough dull skin, Enlarged/congested pores, Fine lines and wrinkles.
All of the Resurface products are formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which work on the epidermis or top layer of the skin, as well as exerting an effect at dermal level ie stimulating collagen production.
AHAs dissolve the bonds of thickened dead skin cells on the skin surface exfoliating the upper surface layers and revealing newer, hydrated, healthier skin underneath.
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Foaming Glycolic Wash
Exfoliates, unclogs, stimulates skin renewal and prepares skin 
for follow up regimen.




Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF 15
Daily exfoliating moisturiser with broad spectrum UV protection and AHA blend for a smoother texture, more even pigmentation & improved firmness



Ultra Smoothing Cream
Moisturises, restores a smoother appearance to skin.
Ultra Smoothing Lotion
Promotes cell turnover to smooth skin, gentle absorption.



Face Cream plus (Step Up Level)
Powerful cream for users with a tolerance for glycolic acid.
High Potency Cream (Step Up Level)
Intense treatment for experienced AHA users for poor texture & loss of tone.



Lotion plus (Step Up Level)
High strength for experienced AHA users preferring a lightweight formulation for roughness due to sun damage, hyperkeratosis & keratosis pilaris.


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Powerful, effective anti-ageing benefits for all skin types including sensitive, atopic dermatitis and unable to tolerate other anti-ageing treatments. The Restore range can be used for extending or enhancing the anti-ageing benefits of cosmetic procedures.
Restore skincare products contain Polyhydroxy Acids such as Gluconolactone and Lactobionic Acid to strengthen the skin's protective barrier making it less susceptible to irritants and reducing skin redness. The PHAs keep dry skin well hydrated and are also antioxidants which help to fight the signs of photoageing.





Facial Cleanser
Gentle yet effective to cleanse & exfoliate without drying/stripping the skin




Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15
Non-greasy moisturiser reduces visible signs of ageing and protects against further damage



Ultra Moisturising Face Cream
Antioxidant moisturiser to strengthen the barrier of dry, stressed, sensitive skin – reduces redness, improves texture and clarity.
Bio-Hydrating Cream
High strength emollient cream to help reduce signs of ageing and repair barrier function



Bionic Lotion
Light weight lotion moisturiser with antioxidants to prevent environmental and oxidative damage– for face and body use. Improves dryness, redness & flaking associated with eczema.
Bionic Face Cream
Ultra emollient anti-ageing cream for intense hydration and skin smoothing effect without irritation. Calms irritated skin & reduces redness.


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For oily, blemish prone ageing skin. Used to treat: Enlarged, clogged pores, dark spots, oiliness, fine lines & wrinkles.


Several very effective and clinically-proven ingredients are combined to target the unique needs of oily, blemish prone skin as it ages. Products contain AHAs, PHAs and NeoGlucosamine for anti-ageing needs of this type of skin as well as Glycolic Acid and Gluconolactone for cell renewal, improving clarity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Mandelic Acid, an AHA, is used because it is readily absorbed by oily skins making it especially effective.




Clarifying Facial Cleanser
Broad spectrum antibacterial cleanser 
Soap free, contains Triclosan (antibacterial) to dissolve impurities and reduce bacteria. PHAs exfoliate, chamomile soothes and Pro-Vitamin B5 conditions the skin
Oily Skin Solution
Anti-ageing for oily and blemish prone skinGlycolic Acid gently exfoliates, unblocks clogged pores, and removes excess oil, sebum and lipids. For use after cleansing or during the day to freshen skin.




Sheer Hydration SPF 15
Light, oil reducing hydrator contains NeoGlucosamine to improve volume & firmness. Phytotal reduces oiliness



Oil Control Gel
Light weight & oil free for a velvet finish controls shine & smoothes skin. Gluconolactone exfoliates. Mandelic Acid controls oil and bacteria.
Gel Plus
Extra strength formulation for Glycolic acid experienced skin. Improves signs of photoageing & stimulates collagen synthesis.


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Targeted Treatment


For a variety of skin concerns including: Age spots, dark circles, wrinkles, severely dry skin, blemishes. Target specific skin concerns with intensive treatments designed to address dark under eye circles, hyperpigmentation, age spots and acne marks, wrinkles, severe dry skin and more. NeoStrata targeted treatments are designed to complement or boost the benefits of your daily skin care regimen.


New to the range

New to this range the Triple Firming Neck Cream is specifically designed to target the delicate neck area and decollete this quick absorbing, exfoliating cream tightens the skin whilst increasing volume to dramatically improve the appearance of skin around the neck area.





Pigment Lightening Gel

Light weight & oil free for a velvet finish controls
shine & smoothes skin. Gluconolactone exfoliates.
Mandelic Acid controls oil and bacteria.

Brightening Cream SPF 15

Lightens discolourations and reduces future damage to the skin with both UVA and UVB protection. 




Intense anti-ageing



Renewal Cream

Gluconolactone and Pro-Retinol work synergistically to improve severe photoageing by smoothing the skin and diminishing lines and wrinkles from the inside out. Not for sensitive skin.


Bionic Face Serum

Concentrated daily-use serum restores radiance and amplifies the benefits of other anti-ageing products. Contains Lactobionic Acid to build the skin's support structure and can be used to target specific areas or as an overall facial treatment.




Severe Dry Skin



Problem Dry Skin Cream

A very rich cream with Hydroxy acids for exfoliation of severely dry, rough, thickened skin (heels, knees, elbows). Beeswax and skin conditioning oils reduce roughness on contact.




Spot treatment



Spot Treatment Gel

AHA blend plus Salicylic Acid and Pro-Vitamin A quickly treats acne blemishes & allows skin to heal




Eyes (Ophthalmologist tested)



Eye Cream

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without irritating delicate eye area. Skin's protective barrier is strengthened with Gluconolactone and Hyaluronic Acid moisturises. Hypoallergenic.


Bionic Eye Cream Plus

Strengthens delicate eye area to help hide dark under-eye circles. Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are targeted and an antioxidant provides protection.






  • Optimal Pre-Peel Cleanser
  • Citriate Peel Booster pads (Clarifying, Brightening)
  • Glycolic Acid Skin Renewal Peels
    (20%, 35%, 50%, and 70% )
  • Peel Neutralizer


Optimal Pre-Peel Cleanser
  • Use as a pre-procedure (pre-peel) cleanser prior to a NeoStrata SRS peel
  • The cleanser should not be rinsed off prior to applying
    the SRS peel product
  • Balances the pH of the skin
  • Removes sebum and cellular debris



Citriate Peel Booster pads (Clarifying, Brightening)

  • Create an adjuvant peeling product
    - a complimentary product
  • Target specific skin conditions
    - acne, lightening, photo-ageing
  • Enhance current SRS system
    - by adding antioxidants, lightening agents and acne fighting ingredients  


Citriate Brightening Peel Booster
  • Specific Treatment: pigmentation problems such as hyperpigmentation, melasma
  • Contains:
    • 30% Citric Acid (an Antioxidant AHA)
    • Kojic Acid (3%)
    • Arbutin (2%)
    • pH = 1.6
    • Amphoteric System (arginine)


Citriate Clarifying Peel Booster
  • Specific Treatment:  oily, acne skin, acne scars
  • Contains:
    • 10% Citric Acid (an Antioxidant AHA)
    • 20% Mandelic Acid (an AHA)
    • pH = 1.6
    • Amphoteric System (arginine)


Skin Renewal System (SRS) Glycolic Acid Peels 
  • Physician use only product
  • Solution formulation in 4 strengths:
    20% SRS peel: pH = 1.6
    35% SRS peel: ph = 1.3
    50% SRS peel: ph = 1.2
    70% SRS peel: ph = 0.6
  • Formulated clinical reagents designed to optimize the effects of Glycolic Acid
  • Free acid, which maximizes bioavailability


Peel Neutralizer
  • Solution formulated to rapidly terminate the Glycolic Acid peel solution
  • Contains Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Foaming solution indicates when neutralization is complete
  • Use with the SRS Glycolic Acid peels and the High Potency Peel products
  • Also available in 1 liter refill size


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