Your collagen booster to looking younger naturally


Signs of facial ageing usually begin in your 20s when the firmness of your skin begins to decrease. Lines and wrinkles start to appear, becoming more pronounced with age.


Traditional dermal fillers only address lines, wrinkles and folds.

ELLANSÉ works differently.

Thanks to its unique properties, it not only corrects wrinkles and folds but by stimulating your own collagen, ELLANSÉ really treats the underlying causes of facial ageing. The effects are gradual and longer-lasting, giving you a natural youthful appearance.



  • Corrects wrinkles and folds
  • Stimulation of your own collagen for long-lasting natural results
  • Reshapes & contours
  • Reverses the signs of ageing
  • Provides a more natural & youthful look


Main treatment areas of ELLANSÉ



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